Online and CPD Workshops for Practitioners

We offer online workshops, and an on-going programme of one day Practitioner CPD workshops in Bristol covering a diversity of subjects. The workshops combine practical and theoretical input to support practitioner confidence in clinical practice. Some of these workshops are only open to qualified Craniosacral Therapists and Cranial Osteopaths. Others are open to practitioners from other disciplines as well.

Working with Craniosacral Therapy Skills Online

Using Practical and Relational CST Skills


This course was designed in response to the interest and questioning in the CST community about working with CST skills online.  It is only open to already qualified Craniosacral Therapists. There will be a maximum of 16 places and students will be required to practice with each other in between modules. The course will not debate whether working online with our skills is possible as we know it is. It is to learn the specific skills that may help you work safely and with confidence online. We will attend to the felt sense and deeper connections one can reach, working with CST. The next course will be in September 2021. Each module will last three hours.

Please note that modules one to four are consecutive weeks and the fifth module is a month after the fourth one. This is in order for you to deepen into your practice and to have a personal session with a tutor.

Module One: Grounding and Distance

  • Grounding yourself and grounding your client.
  • Practising negotiating distance online.

Module Two: How do we Explain Online Work to our Neighbour?

  • The science of how we can use CST to work at a distance.
  • How do we approach CST contacts online? Recognising inertial fulcra, tuning into the tides, waiting for potency to arise, working with the inherent treatment plan. Is there a difference online?

Module Three: Surroundings and Circumstances

  • Befriending Technology. Attending to the online environment. Holding Boundaries for ourselves and clients online.
  • Refining CST accuracy online.

Module Four: Working Safely with Activation

  • Ensuring safety online.
  • Mediating autonomic responses, identifying activation and dissociation.
  • Using dialoguing and relational skills.

Module Five: Ethics and Integration

  • Integration.
  • Ethics. Safety in practice.
  • Evaluating which clients are most suitable for this work and for whom online treatment with CST skills may not be appropriate.
  • Contracts.

Early booking is advisable as there are a limited number of places available.

Course Dates

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(Mondays from 5.30pm to 8.30pm)

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    £240 - including £50 deposit
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