Prenatal and Birth Process Workshops

These 2 day workshops are limited to 6 participants. They are largely experiential and work with embodied process to explore how our prenatal and birth experiences may be unconsciously influencing us in our adult lives. Individual sessions are supported by the empathic holding of the group.

Have you ever wondered about your birth and womb life?

It is often assumed that these early events have little or no impact on us. Yet these are formative experiences that profoundly shape our sense of who we are and what sort of world we live in. Our greatest journey occurs in the first few months of biological life and we live with its consequences from then on. Unresolved prenatal and birth trauma operates below the level of conscious awareness in a number of ways, generating habitual behaviours and belief systems that undermine our capacity to respond fully to the possibilities available in the present moment.  Many of the stresses we feel in our lives as adults echo with earlier experiences when we were extremely vulnerable and we find ourselves thrown back into states of helplessness. Understanding and resolving these early traumas helps us to make changes at the deepest levels.

The Form and Intention of the Workshop

The workshop runs over two days and the group size is restricted to no more than 6 participants. Each participant has the opportunity for their own session, which is led by the facilitator and supported by the group. The supporting of each other’s processes in the group environment helps to generate empathy and self-compassion towards these vulnerable aspects of who we are. The supportive role can be as transformative as our own individual sessions.

Sessions are led by paying attention to and following subtle body processes and arising imagery. We listen at the level of the soul to what needs to be integrated into our lives in our journey towards wholeness. Each day a short session of ‘shamanic drumming’ helps participants to access deeper states of consciousness. Time for integration is given at the end of each session and at the end of the workshop. Workshops are held with a deep respect and empathy for both the process of the individual and the needs of the group.

The lead facilitator for our forthcoming workshops is Jenni Meyer.

Dates and Location

  • DATES:
    25-26 March 2023 / 15-16 July 2023
  • VENUE:
    Gasworks Studio 27 Narroways Road, St Werburghs Bristol BS2 9XB
  • COST:
    £300 - including £75 deposit (course code: BP).
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