Soul Loss: A Pre and Perinatal Perspective

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A four day residential course, exploring the impact prenatal and birth experience at the level of the soul. The course is largely experiential, supporting participants to explore how their prenatal and birth experience undermined their capacity to embody all they could be. With an emphasis on safety and containment participants are supported to research their own unique experience through regressive exercises and to reclaim what was lost to them. The experiential work is supported by some theoretical input drawing from pre- and perinatal psychology and the understanding of soul loss in shamanic cultures.

Indigenous cultures understand that traumatic experiences, when they are serious enough, can result in the fragmentation of our inner vital essence or ‘soul’. These traumatized soul aspects dissociate, resulting in a phenomenon known as ‘Soul Loss’. Soul Loss is endemic in modern Western societies, mainly resulting from unresolved prenatal and birth trauma. The lack of awareness of prenates and babies as sentient beings who experience these formative events means that most of us did not feel supported in our journeys to be here. This fostered a deep sense of aloneness, which made it hard to bring all of ourselves into the world. Soul Loss manifests in a number of ways including a sense of being incomplete or disconnected, depression, emotional numbness, low energy, lack of self-worth, a lack not knowing who we really are and deep grief and/or rage that seems to have no obvious cause.

The course focuses on specific prenatal and birth stages that have special significance as transitions from spiritual source to embodied self. Combining modern techniques drawn from the field of pre and perinatal psychology with ancient shamanistic wisdom, participants are supported to identify and integrate aspect of their deep nature that they were forced to abandon very early in life. The course is mainly experiential, with some theoretical input.

Team: Jenni Meyer (Assistant Tutor) and others

Topics discussed include:

  • The Language of the Soul
  • Divine Homesickness
  • Reluctant Embodiment and the Biological Mandate
  • Twin Loss
  • The relationship between prenatal experience and birth
  • DATES:
    24th - 27th May 2024
  • VENUE:
    EarthSpirit Education Centre, Dundon, nr. Somerton, Somerset TA11 6PE, UK
  • COST:
    £650 including £150 deposit (course code: SL)
soul loss page
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