The Birth Imprint – The Lifelong Consequences of Our Birth Experience

A four day, largely experiential, residential course with an emphasis on safety and containment, participants are supported to research their own unique experience through regressive exercises and find new possibilities alongside the survival strategies they learnt prenatally. The experiential work is supported by some theoretical teaching.

Birth is an archetypal journey that shapes all of us in different ways. The experience of birth remains as an unconscious or implicit memories, held in our cells, tissues, neurology and psyche. We call these imprints. Birth imprints remain active in our psyche for the rest of our lives. The more conscious we become of how we have been imprinted by birth, the less these imprints limit our ongoing potential for creativity, connection and growth.

This four-day residential course in which participants are supported to research their birth imprints through experiential exercises. The emphasis is on discovering what aspect of birth imprinting is operating in present moment situations. This can include recognising the strengths and skills we learned through our birth experience, as well as how we may have been overwhelmed at the time. Working at a level and pace which feels safe and contained, allows us to integrate these experiences in new creative ways. The experiential work is supported by theoretical teaching and small group sharing.

The aims of the workshop are to

  • Bring awareness to how we were imprinted by our birth
  • See how this imprinting functions unconsciously in present situations
  • Develop self-empathy, rather than self-criticism, with relation to strategies we developed during the birth process
  • Safely release trauma energies related to our birth experience
  • Appreciate the innate intelligence and resilience that we brought to our birth journey
  • Create new pathways of potential in response to birth related experiences of helplessness
  • Bring greater awareness and empathy to birth imprinting in your therapeutic work with others
  • Bring greater awareness and empathy to how babies are impacted by their birth experience

Costs include accommodation and meals.

  • DATES:
    26th - 29th May 2023
  • VENUE:
    The Earthspirit Education Centre, Dundon, nr. Somerton, Somerset TA11 6PE
  • COST:
    £600 - including £150 deposit (course code: BI)
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