The Birth Imprint – The Lifelong Consequences of Our Birth Experience

A four day, largely experiential, residential course with an emphasis on safety and containment, participants are supported to research their own unique experience through regressive exercises and find new possibilities alongside the survival strategies they learnt prenatally. The experiential work is supported by some theoretical teaching.

Birth is an intense experience that shapes us. The experience of birth remains as an unconscious or implicit memory, held in our cells, tissues, neurology and psyche. We call this an imprint. Although birth is a relatively short experience, because it is so intense and at times overwhelming, birth imprinting functions as a psychological and somatic template that is later activated and runs us in unhelpful ways. These include difficulties in decision making, a lack of trust in relationship, self-esteem issues, addictive behaviours, problems in pacing ourselves, panic attacks, anger outbursts, difficulties with transitions.

This four-day workshop is designed to provide an environment of safety, empathy, and confidentiality in which to explore this territory. It includes:

  • Structured periods of teaching to explain the wide range of the impacts of birth imprinting on infants, adults, and the culture at large.
  • Experiential exercises to research how you were imprinted by your birth and how to free yourself from the power of the predominant birth imprint that is showing up in your life now. Further time is spent learning how to integrate these positive changes into your day-to-day life.

This workshop is not as in-depth as our four-module course ‘The Birth Journey’, but is intended as an introduction to birth imprinting, which can be taken as a one-off workshop or as a precursor to The Birth Journey.

Costs include accommodation and meals.

  • DATES:
    26th - 29th May 2023
  • VENUE:
    The Earthspirit Education Centre, Dundon, nr. Somerton, Somerset TA11 6PE
  • COST:
    £600 - including £150 deposit (course code: BI)
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