Umbilical Dynamics – Relationship Begins in the Womb

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A four day residential course, explores how our first relationship, which is mediated prenatally by the umbilical cord influences all subsequent relationships. The course is largely experiential, supporting participants to explore how their experience of what came through the umbilical cord prenatally and at birth set up survival strategies that still operate unconsciously in later life. This is especially evident in our relationship with food, money and intimacy. With an emphasis on safety and containment participants are supported to research their own unique experience through regressive exercises and find new possibilities alongside the survival strategies they learnt prenatally. The experiential work is supported by some theoretical teaching.

Theories of attachment and bonding usually begin with experiences in early infancy. Yet an emerging paradigm, based on decades of research and clinical practice, reveals that the process of attachment begins in the womb. This is especially mediated through the umbilical cord, by which prenates are extremely vulnerable to the emotional states of mothers. The way in which we experienced the umbilical relationship underlies the way in which we experience all subsequent relationships. This is especially formative in how our relationships with intimacy, food and money.

The workshop uses techniques which have evolved out of decades of research and clinical experience in the field of pre- and perinatal psychology. These techniques involve embodied regressive exercises that enable us to research how our prenatal umbilical experience has shaped us.

Throughout the course time is given to integrating the experiential work, resolving the effects of negative umbilical conditioning and developing new resources and possibilities.

The experiential work is supported by theoretical input and is suitable for anyone interested in how their umbilical experience has shaped them. It is also intended for psychotherapists, body therapists or professionals in the field of birth, such as paediatricians, midwives and doulas, who wish to bring deeper insight and empathy to the formative experiences of their clients.:

Topics discussed include:

  • How our relationship with food, money and intimacy is constellated through our prenatal umbilical experience.
  • Different forms of ‘umbilical affect’
  • The sense of ‘badness’ that we may internalise as a result of ‘negative umbilical affect’.
  • The survival strategies prenates develop to manage emotional and environmental toxicities that come through the umbilical cord. How these play out in later life.
  • Baby-body language associated with the umbilical relationship.
  • How medications and stress biochemicals passing through the cord during the intensity of birth can imprint us and become activated during later transitions.
  • DATES:
    28th - 31st October 2023
  • VENUE:
    The Earthspirit Education Centre, Dundon, nr. Somerton, Somerset TA11 6PE
  • COST:
    £600 - including £150 deposit (course code: UD)
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    Bristol BS7 9DH

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