Templates of Embodiment

Course Overview Every cell in your body originates from the sperm and egg of your parents and carry with them the memory of those original cells. These cellular memories inform our present day lives in ways that would we are barely aware of and yet are extremely powerful. Here at the cusp of where consciousness … Continued

Integrative Baby Therapy Training

The course material has a strong emphasis on practical skills related to clinical issues and to the theoretical knowledge practitioners need to help parents understand and support their babies. Participants are encouraged to find their own authentic voice with the work, by which they can integrate what they learn into their existing practices, whether it … Continued

The Birth Journey – Honouring Our Untold Story

Birth is a rite of passage that initiates us into what it means to be human. It is the archetypal human journey. Whether we were born vaginally or by caesarean, in full consciousness or drugged by medications, being born is an experience we all share. Our bodies and psyches are imprinted by this intense experience in which … Continued