The Birth Imprint – The Lifelong Consequences of Our Birth Experience

Birth is an archetypal journey that shapes all of us in different ways. The experience of birth remains as an unconscious or implicit memories, held in our cells, tissues, neurology and psyche. We call these imprints. Birth imprints remain active in our psyche for the rest of our lives. The more conscious we become of … Continued

Online and CPD Workshops for Practitioners

Working with Craniosacral Therapy Skills Online Using Practical and Relational CST Skills WITH JENNI MEYER AND JULIE MCBRIDE This course was designed in response to the interest and questioning in the CST community about working with CST skills online.  It is only open to already qualified Craniosacral Therapists. There will be a maximum of 16 … Continued

Soul Loss: A Pre and Perinatal Perspective

Indigenous cultures understand that traumatic experiences, when they are serious enough, can result in the fragmentation of our inner vital essence or ‘soul’. These traumatized soul aspects dissociate, resulting in a phenomenon known as ‘Soul Loss’. Soul Loss is endemic in modern Western societies, mainly resulting from unresolved prenatal and birth trauma. The lack of … Continued

Umbilical Dynamics – Relationship Begins in the Womb

Theories of attachment and bonding usually begin with experiences in early infancy. Yet an emerging paradigm, based on decades of research and clinical practice, reveals that the process of attachment begins in the womb. This is especially mediated through the umbilical cord, by which prenates are extremely vulnerable to the emotional states of mothers. The … Continued

Prenatal and Birth Process Workshops

Have you ever wondered about your birth and womb life? It is often assumed that these early events have little or no impact on us. Yet these are formative experiences that profoundly shape our sense of who we are and what sort of world we live in. Our greatest journey occurs in the first few … Continued

Templates of Embodiment

Course Overview Every cell in your body originates from the sperm and egg of your parents and carry with them the memory of those original cells. These cellular memories inform our present day lives in ways that would we are barely aware of and yet are extremely powerful. Here at the cusp of where consciousness … Continued

Integrative Baby Therapy Training

The course material has a strong emphasis on practical skills related to clinical issues and to the theoretical knowledge practitioners need to help parents understand and support their babies. Participants are encouraged to find their own authentic voice with the work, by which they can integrate what they learn into their existing practices, whether it … Continued