“Thank you so much for creating such a safe and supportive space which enabled me to feel met and more confident.”

“Thank you both again for creating a sacred, safe and humorous space in which to research, re-pattern and be.”

“Just a huge thank you for the wonderful last few days to you and Jenni and the rest of the team. It was so,so moving and transformational. Thank you so much for making this work available. It is just so incredibly important.”

“Another amazing module – thank you to you and Jenni. This is such profound work – and what a wonderful community of people have come together to do this. It feels very special.”

“I just want to say that the work we did in those three days was life changing I feel calmer and happier/ content within myself like never before. I also know that that experience was the tip of the iceberg and I look forward to working with you and Jenni on this long road of self-discovery. I really appreciate the work you are doing.”

“Thank you for your welcome and warmth. I love the sacred space that’s created in your workshops – it’s safe and supportive.”

“I love the honest, warm and supportive field that you both create and feel so happy to have been able to come.”

“It is hard to find the right words, but I want to say a really BIG thank-you to you all for everything… a huge list of things really, but most of all I am bowled over by your knowledge and the sensitivity with which you handle us all. It is a really great privilege to be able to share this precious work.”

“I am feeling deeply moved as I assimilate my experience of the workshop. It feels extraordinary – and crucial work; both personally and collectively for the world. I feel as I have found a key to something that is starting to ease something deep in the cells of my being. I am fascinated by the potential of this work – again for me personally and collectively – and feel inspired to follow what is calling – which is to explore further.”

“I had some resistance to booking, but I overcame it and feel delighted to have been here and had the opportunity to work so deeply. The work felt very powerful.”

“It was interesting to notice how differently each participant approached their birth and prenatal experience and how quickly you picked up where people were at. You are obviously very experienced in this area and it is clear that you have also done the work on yourself. You and Jenni are a great team. I enjoyed and appreciated watching you work with the men `{`in the group`}` and I loved the way you responded to my way of being. I left the workshop with a strong sense of connection with you and with all the participants.”

“What a ‘gift’ and ‘responsibility’ you have been given. Thank you both for taking on such important soulful work.”

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful weekend spent with you and Jenni… I enjoyed it immensely. In fact it almost took my breath away. I loved all of it, including meeting such wonderful people that shared this space with me. .. My grateful thanks to Jenni too, she held the feminine space beautifully and you made a great team.”